Wang Jie




Work in Development



For Singers, Chorus and Orchestra*

"Face to face with the popular film adaptation, FAREWELL is a fresh take on an ancient true story, i.e. my original story. My heroine corresponds to the powerful origin of opera: Orpheus. He now reincarnates as a female court singer. But this time, her ("her!") powerful music brings the fall of an esteemed kingdom."


- Wang Jie




An embattled ancient King, about to lose his kingdom and life, sees that the people who claim to love him are quick to leave while the artist to whom he has been devoted willingly dies with him.



Wang Jie’s fourth opera examining the paradigmatic form of opera, FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE provides operatic rebirth to an ancient true story. The original story serves merely as inspiration. The narrative that underpins the opera, the music that paints each character, are the products of the composer’s musical ideas combined with her theatrical creativity and dramaturgical instinct. Through Wang Jie’s operatic lens, the legend undergoes a complete makeover, surrendering to the power of music to return to life.


The story of FAREWELL, MY CONCUBINE has been told by writers, poets, journalists, historians, mothers, and filmmakers. For the first time in history, now, by a composer.

*Rights for Farewell has been cleared.