Wang Jie




Live recording:

New York City Opera Singers and Orchestra | David Wroe, conductor

Excerpt 1: Act I Scene 1 - Nannan's first Aria

Wedding ceremony. NANNAN is standing next to her husband, the MASTER. They are welcoming the MASTER’S concubine, an opera singer LUMEI

Excerpt 2, Act I Scene 2 - Lumei humiliates Nannan

Lumei comes into the gardens, and shares the good news of her pregency—outwardly polite, but gloating just beneath the surface. Nannan offers her “sister” congratulations, although inside her heart is broken.

Excerpt 3, Act II Scene 3 (final) - Nannan's last words

Onboard the ship to England, Nannan is confronted with Minshen's loyalty to the traditional family values and finds herself abandoned once again for her bareness. She commits suicide shortly before Minshen had the time to recosider his choices.