Wang Jie




Commissioned by Paul Underwood and American Composers Orchestra (Oct 2010)



Experiencing compassion for the first time, this Zodiac Goddess loses her place in the heavens to share her musical powers with mankind.

"It has to be sung, becuase the change in her singing changed everything in the story." - Wang Jie

Music and Libretto by Wang Jie

Duration: 3
0 min total

Principle Roles:

The Lark (Coloratura or Light Lyric-Soprano), The Rat & The Crippled Woman (Mezzo-Soprano.), The Rooster (Lyric-Baritone), The Monkey (Actor/Keyboards Soloist)


Fl, Cl, Bsn, Hn, Tpt, Trbn, Tba, 3 Perc, Keyboard soloist: Hpsd/Cel/Pno, Strings.

First half of a Double Bill, FROM THE OTHER SKY is a multi-media miniature opera based on the composer’s short story of the same title. American Composers Orchestra had commissioned it for 2010 season, asking that the new work reflect “Mystics and Magic”. FROM intensifies this theme with an original narrative of the mystical and magical power of music.

Set in three Scenes and a Postlude, FROM is a fable on how the thirteen animals of the Chinese Zodiac (in the order of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig and Lark) downsized to twelve. The Lark doesn't exist in the Chinese Zodiac as we know it. In this original story, she is an accidental heroine (the Holy Fool in the tradition of Wagner's Parsifal) who saves the world unwittingly: as a result, not of what she does, but what is done to her.